Toni Lang

Graphic Design 
      (01) Paris-Vienna
      (02) Entre Ombres 
             Et Lumières

      (03) Beyou Lab
      (04) Fondation HCB
      (05) Stolen Moments
      (06) Fabric
      (07) Psyche n°64
      (08) Deco Sans
      (09) Taxi Driver
      (10) Opacité 0
      (11) CO2 Airtravel 
      (12) Enter The Void
      (13) The Connected Paper
      (14) Amen
      (15) New Vision Of Things
      (16) News On Paper
      (17) Meateaters

     (01) India
     (02) Up In The Mountains
     (03) Sun, Sun, Sun
     (04) 14 Days In Vietnam
     (05) Sculpt Me
     (06) 80th Anniversary
     (07) Fashion Pattern
     (08) Chocolate
     (09) Kaffeehäuser
     (10) Les Puces
     (11) Myanmar
     (12) Stills
     (13) #PlacesOfWorship
     (14) 6 Months Abroad

Selected Work


(01) Paris-Vienna

JUN  2018

Diploma project — Paris-Vienna, the Parisian and Viennese coffee culture

            This project is about Parisian and Viennese coffee culture at the beginning of the XXth century. Those famous cafés were hotspots and well known for numerous artists to gather, discuss, meet, work and exchange their ideas. It was their second home and influenced a lot their artistic work. My work presents those artists, some anecdotes and the atmosphere in both cities. This project includes a bilingual newspaper (French and German), a series of photographs, linocuts, a website and the typeface design of Deco Sans.