Toni Lang

Graphic Design 
      (01) Paris-Vienna
      (02) Entre Ombres 
             Et Lumières

      (03) Beyou Lab
      (04) Fondation HCB
      (05) Stolen Moments
      (06) Fabric
      (07) Psyche n°64
      (08) Deco Sans
      (09) Taxi Driver
      (10) Opacité 0
      (11) CO2 Airtravel 
      (12) Enter The Void
      (13) The Connected Paper
      (14) Amen
      (15) New Vision Of Things
      (16) News On Paper
      (17) Meateaters

     (01) India
     (02) Up In The Mountains
     (03) Sun, Sun, Sun
     (04) 14 Days In Vietnam
     (05) Sculpt Me
     (06) 80th Anniversary
     (07) Fashion Pattern
     (08) Chocolate
     (09) Kaffeehäuser
     (10) Les Puces
     (11) Myanmar
     (12) Stills
     (13) #PlacesOfWorship
     (14) 6 Months Abroad

Selected Work


(16) News On Paper


SEP 2019

Art Direction — News On Paper

       « News On Paper » is an editorial project exploring the circulation of news and media around the world. Internet, TV and social media have an huge impact on the phenomenon of media mass diffusion and consumption nowadays. How are we able to get an overview about what is happening in our world? What have been the breaking news of this year? This month?

Design of a flipbook, combining moving images and printed materials, in order to explore and critizes the circulation of news and media around the world.
« News on paper » aims to explore different possibilities in slowing down the process of media consumption, by selecting three breaking news items each month in the political, international and environmental field. I decided to use vibrant colours to draw attention towards the cover. By using a high contrast feature colour, the typeface stands out from the background and creates an attractive and strong design.