We live in an increasingly connected and virtual world, believing that the digital era is an ecological solution. But the reality is quite different, digitalization is polluting far more than we think. Sending an email, streaming a video online, searching on Google, all these activities have an impact on the environment.

DISCONNECT is a yearbook that focuses on digital pollution.Each publication explores another new topic in the field, in order to explain and understand the global impact of our digital world.
This first issue VOL.1 explores one of the most environmentally damaging offers available on the Internet – video streaming.

DISCONNECT presents the hidden sides of the Web, including networks, data circulations, digital devices and infrastructures around the world and the impact it has on our environment. While digitalization turned out to be an indispensable, essential part of modern daily life, it seems the phenomenon has become unstoppable, happening faster, growing bigger and bigger, with complex consequences.

In order to raise awareness, DISCONNECT seeks to inform people on a current subject that is not virtual at all, affecting our entire planet. It promotes the need to rethink and to reformulated our own perception of a highly digitalized world we live in nowadays.

The website visualizes the electricity consumption and greenhouse gases emissions that online streaming leads to. 

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