Toni Lang

Graphic Design 
      (01) Paris-Vienna
      (02) Entre Ombres 
             Et Lumières

      (03) Beyou Lab
      (04) Fondation HCB
      (05) Stolen Moments
      (06) Fabric
      (07) Psyche n°64
      (08) Deco Sans
      (09) Taxi Driver
      (10) Opacité 0
      (11) CO2 Airtravel 
      (12) Enter The Void
      (13) The Connected Paper
      (14) Amen
      (15) New Vision Of Things
      (16) News On Paper
      (17) Meateaters

     (01) India
     (02) Up In The Mountains
     (03) Sun, Sun, Sun
     (04) 14 Days In Vietnam
     (05) Sculpt Me
     (06) 80th Anniversary
     (07) Fashion Pattern
     (08) Chocolate
     (09) Kaffeehäuser
     (10) Les Puces
     (11) Myanmar
     (12) Stills
     (13) #PlacesOfWorship
     (14) 6 Months Abroad

Selected Work


(11) CO2 Airtravel


NOV  2019

Vinyl Cover — CO2 AIRTRAVEL

            Production and direction of a short video clip including an original soundtrack design based on the theme of air travel. The sound was created by assembling and combining various sound effects related to the aircraft, including safety instructions. The main aim of the video clip was to raise awareness about the environmental impact of aviation, by combining visuals of places affected by global warming with the unbearably increasing noise of the aircraft engines. In addition to the video clip, I designed a vinyl cover inspired by the flight information displays at the airports.