Toni Lang

Graphic Design 
      (01) Paris-Vienna
      (02) Entre Ombres 
             Et Lumières

      (03) Beyou Lab
      (04) Fondation HCB
      (05) Stolen Moments
      (06) Fabric
      (07) Psyche n°64
      (08) Deco Sans
      (09) Taxi Driver
      (10) Opacité 0
      (11) CO2 Airtravel 
      (12) Enter The Void
      (13) The Connected Paper
      (14) Amen
      (15) New Vision Of Things
      (16) News On Paper
      (17) Meateaters

     (01) India
     (02) Up In The Mountains
     (03) Sun, Sun, Sun
     (04) 14 Days In Vietnam
     (05) Sculpt Me
     (06) 80th Anniversary
     (07) Fashion Pattern
     (08) Chocolate
     (09) Kaffeehäuser
     (10) Les Puces
     (11) Myanmar
     (12) Stills
     (13) #PlacesOfWorship
     (14) 6 Months Abroad

Selected Work


(03) Beyou Lab


NOV 2018

Branding — Beyou Lab, be who you want to be

            We live in an age obsessed with beauty; from spray tans to eyelash extensions and laser hair removal. We are not the first era to try unique ways to fit the standards of beauty. For this project we created a fictitious brand called Beyou Lab, which is going beyond esthetic surgery by using genetically engineered medication to modify eyes, mouth, nose etc. to become who you always wanted to be. Scary isn’t it? This idea and approach criticises our obsession with beauty nowadays. The numerous visuals referring to classical beauty standards and icons in history, at the beginning and the end of the editorial object, are underlining this notion of obsession.